December 21, 2016

Support for the Underprivileged

Vision Group readers put a smile on Jessica Loy Imalakang’s face, a woman who was beaten and abandoned with 10 children by her husband. Vision Group donated clothes, shoes, basins, Jericans and T-shirts for supporting Imalakang.

This came after the Sunday Vision published her story and placed on the New Vision website in which hundreds of people who read it extended a helping hand towards the poor woman.

“May God bless the people who have come to my rescue, thank you Vision Group for giving me space that enabled the world to know my problems,” “The clothes were come on time when it is raining. My children have been suffering due to lack of clothes to put on in the morning,” Imalakang said with a smile.

Members of Vision Group pose for a photo with Jessica Loy Imalakang