December 21, 2016

Reaching Out to the Community to Touch and Change Lives

Vision Group continues to reach out to the public; to touch and change lives. It is in this very spirit that Uganda’s leading media empire successfully held a career guidance session for young people. The event held in August was conducted by the Vision Group Newspapers in Education (NiE) desk manager Jamesa Wagwau in Kansanga at the offices KIBO foundation, a Canadian youth development charitable organization. 75 Young people-students of the foundation thronged the KIBO foundation headquarters to listen in to the genial Jamesa’s inspirational words.

Making a presentation on the theme, ‘opening doors of opportunity’ Jamesa challenged the youth to build professional supportive network and establishing personal relationships that would propel their career to the next level.  This was the second session in the career support series provided by Vision Group to KIBO Foundation. Earlier on the seasoned education expert spoke about the power creativity.

It was not a chalk and talk session though. Participants had fun and enjoyed one- on one discussion with the facilitator as well as practical activities which included interactive group work and problem solving tasks.
The career talk is part of interventions organized by Vision Group in response to the need of career guidance in the country. It is also part of Vision Group’s efforts to empower the youth.

“Vision Group values the youth since they are the future of this country and society. In line with that, the Company intends to nurture the youth into responsible and career driven citizens to become agents of change and development in the society, said Doreen Awanga, Vision Group’s legal officer.

Awanga said that from these talks, youths will be enlightened and thus become vibrant and well informed in matters relating to career guidance. “This will enable them to make informed decisions when choosing the careers to pursue.” The youth, she said will also be able to take up careers that are within their potential and interest which will boost their confidence and productivity at work.
Wagwau said that this exercise goes along way in reiterating Vision Group’s commitment to giving back to society. “As Vision Group we do not just look at society as a source of business and monetary value, we seek to add value to society. Such activities go a long way in showing that we place a premium on building society,” he said.

The participants were also impressed. “Thanks for the sessions in interpersonal relationships that you had with us at KIBO foundation, said Douglass Bwomeezi, a student participant. Bomweezi said that the exercise has “really worked out for me so much I have established useful contacts and now I am able to facilitate and participate meetings.”
Paul Baikaranabyo, a KIBO foundation official said: “Thank you for your time and good spirit of sharing knowledge with our young people. It was such a wonderful time and a learning experience.”

The career sessions are scheduled to run throughout the year as part of Vision Group’s commitment to promote education. Every week, the Company’s English daily, The New Vision runs a special supplement, Mwalimu that addresses education issues affecting stakeholders like children, parents, teachers and policy makers.

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Vision Group HR gives career guidance tips:

Vision Group Chief Human Resource Officer Kathy has held a talk at KiBO Foundation centered on the job application process. The students wanted tips on what kind of things they can do to improve their chances of getting jobs through applications.

She highlighted the following tips to the students:

• While still in school/ college, they need to ensure that they get excellent grades and are involved in extra-curricular activities. This is important because for entry- level jobs, this is the criteria that is used to shortlist.

• The students were encouraged to identify mentors in their fields of interest, whom they can use a credible references on their applications. I told them that they should spend as much time as possible with these mentors so that they gain as they can from them.

• Highlighted too was the importance of them applying for jobs which were a good match for their skills so that they do not get disappointed by applying for jobs that they have little chance of getting. Students were cautioned to check the qualifications and experience required for a job opening.

• She talked about ensuring that submitted applications are ‘clean,’ implying that they should ensure that there are no spelling errors in the submitted documents, the photocopies of academic transcripts are clean and that handwritings are legible

• For the actual interview, she spoke about presentation, including what to wear, ensuring that they are clean and are smelling fresh!

• A session was held about commonly asked questions and she gave the stuudents guidelines on how to answer them.

In her own words, “It was a blast!”