Frequently Asked Questions



    • How can I buy shares?

    If you’re looking at investing in New Vision Printing and Publishing Company Limited shares, you need to go through a broker of your choice. The broker will provide you relevant information and necessary requirements including payment of a commission and stamp duty on share dealings. (Please see the list of brokers in the table below).


    Crested Stocks and Securities
    6th Floor Impala House
    Plot 13/15 Kimathi Avenue
    Opposite Kampala City Council HQ
    Tel: 0414 230900
    Fax.256 414 230612


    African Alliance Uganda Limited
    1st Floor, Workers’ House
    Pilkington Road
    Tel: +256 414 235577/8
    Fax: +256 414 235575


    Crane Financial Services Ltd
    Plot 38 Kampala Road
    P.O Box 22572
    Tel: 414 341400 /341403
    Fax: 414 231578


    Dyer and Blair (U) Ltd
    P.O Box 36620 Kampala
    Rwenzori House, Ground Floor
    Tel: +456 414 233050 / 231813
    Fax: +256 414 233050


    Baroda Capita market (U) Ltd
    18 Kampala Road
    P.O Box 7197 Kampala
    Tel: +256 414 233680 – 3
    Fax. +256 414 258263


    Equity Stock Brokers (U) Ltd
    Orient Plaza Plot 6/6A Kampala Road
    P.O Box 3072 Kampala
    Tel: 256 417 719102
    Fax. 256 414 348039


    UAP Financial Services
    1st Floor, Communications House
    P.O Box 1610 Kampala
    Tel: +256 414 332743
    +256 312 332743



    • How do I change my personal details?

    To change your personal details, you need to fill in a mandate form. These forms are available at the Company’s head office at Plot 19/21 First Street Industrial Area. The forms are then forwarded to Deloitte (U) Ltd, the Company’s share registrars.  Upon receipt of the mandate forms Deloitte (U) Ltd enters the new details onto the shareholder data base. These personal details are the ones used for all future reference unless and until changed through this process by the shareholder.

    Alternatively, you could directly contact Deloitte (U) Ltd at their offices located at 3rd Floor, Rwenzori House, 1 Lumumba Avenue, P.O. Box 10314 Kampala. They have the mandate forms at their offices which you can fill in to change your details.

    • What do I do if I want another person to receive my dividends or change my details?

    You will need to grant the person the rights to receive your dividends, to change your details or to deal with your shares as they so wish. This is done through a power of attorney. The power of attorney should specify the rights granted and should be signed and registered with the Registrar of Companies.

    • How are dividends paid to shareholders

    Payment of dividends is done by means of cheque or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Through EFT, the money is sent to the shareholder’s bank account. This is however for only those shareholders who have provided bank details. The option of payment through mobile money transfer is under review. All questions with regard to dividends should be addressed to Plot 19/21, First Street Industrial Area. P.O. Box 9815 Kampala.

    The shareholder email address is . Alternatively, you can call on 0414337835.

    • Can I have my dividend payment sent to my bank?

    Yes you can. In order to have your dividend sent to the bank, you need to provide us with your bank details. This can be done by filling in a mandate form which is available at the Company’s head office at Plot 19/21 First Street Industrial Area. The mandate form is then forwarded to the share registrars who enter the changes in the database to enable payment of dividends through your bank.

    • How can I contact the Company when I am out of the Country or can’t go to the Company offices?

    If it is not possible to physically visit the Company, you can send your shareholder communication by Email. The shareholder email address is . Alternatively, you can call on 0414337835. Shareholder issues are handled by the Legal Department

    • How do I become part of the Security Central Depository?

    In order to become a member of the Securities Central Depository, a shareholder must first open a Securities Central Depository Account through the Uganda Securities Exchange (USE). The existing share certificate is then immobilized. This is the process through which securities as per the share certificate are transferred into the clients account in the Securities Central Depository. The details of the shareholder are therefore saved electronically other than in the share certificate.

    • How does the Security Central Depository System work?

    The Securities Central Depository system operates like a bank account but instead of cash, the system keeps the shares of the account holder. Transfer of shares is done electronically. Share holders are usually able to access their accounts via internet or the mobile phone.  (Please see the list of brokers below).

    • How can I replace my lost share certificate?

    Report the matter to police and obtain a Police letter which you should deliver to the Company’s Head Office at Plot 19/21, First Street Industrial Area. P.O. Box 9815 Kampala. This should be accompanied with a letter to the Company Secretary notifying of the loss of share certificate At the Head Office, the shareholder signs an indemnity form and is given an introduction letter. The shareholder then delivers the introduction letter, the indemnity form and a copy of the Police Letter to the share registrars who then prepare a replacement share certificate for the shareholder. The time frame for replacement of a share certificate may vary depending on the level of transactions at the Registrar.

    • Who are the Company’s share registrars?

    The current share registrars are Deloitte Uganda. They are located on 3rd Floor Rwenzori House, Lumumba Avenue.

    • What is the role of the Company registrars?
    • To keep an up-to-date record of all shares bought,
    • Maintain and update a database of the names of individual shareholders, their shareholdings, their addresses, and signatures amongst other salient information.
    • To change addresses and signatures of shareholders upon request and verification
    • Pay dividend to shareholders whose names are on the register at book closure.
    • Replace lost certificates
    • Transfer shares on behalf of a deceased holder.


    • What are my rights as a shareholder?
    • Right to receive dividends
    • Right to participate in decision making
    • Right to sell shares
    • Right to first refusal to buy additionally issued shares
    • Right to participate in the distribution of the Company’s profits incase of liquidation
    • How do I get information from the Company on the Company’s activities, AGMs, payment of dividends, etc.?

    Communication from the Company can be received via post, telephone, email or SMS. The Company sends communication to shareholders through post, emails, SMS and newspapers particularly New Vision. The Company website is at Shareholder information is on the shareholder page on the website. Annual Reports are delivered annually to shareholders through postal addresses provided. The company is continually looking to update shareholder details to effectively communicate with shareholders so shareholder should be encouraged to send in details through the various forums.   

    • When are dividends paid to shareholders and how much is payable?

    The amount of dividend declared depends on the Company’s profits and the amount of dividend paid to a shareholder depends on the number of shares held at the time of book closure. Interim dividends are based either on quarter or half year results whereas final dividends are paid at the end of ever financial year.

    • Which is the most preferred mode of payment of dividends?

    The most preferred mode of dividend payment is through the Bank. It is fast, efficient and secure.

    • Why does the share price fluctuate at times?

    The share price depends on the market forces and thus can never be constant.
    When the market is low the share price goes down.
    Expectations of buyers and sellers, with reference to how much profit will be made, also plays an important role in price behavior. If a company does not achieve, shareholders start to sell and look for other shares. On the other hand, when a company performs well and declares good dividends, demand for shares surpass supply and investors are happy to pay a higher price thus the price rises. In addition, when prospective buyers outnumber sellers, the share price rises whereas when the sellers outnumber the buyers, the share price lowers.

    • What is the limit of shares that I can purchase?

    There is no limit on the number of shares a person can purchase so long as the shares are available on offer.

    • What do I do if I receive an expired cheque?

    Upon receipt of an expired cheque, a shareholder is required to return the cheque to the Company. However sufficient justification for not cashing the same is required as cancelling cheques comes at a cost to the business. The cheque is then be cashed by the Finance Team and the money is given to the shareholder. Shareholder should be encouraged to constantly update their personal details e.g. postal addresses check their boxes regularly to ensure the cheques are received on time and contact the company if a few weeks after date announced for dividend payment they still have not received payment.

    • How can I claim my unpaid dividends?

    You can claim your unpaid dividends by contacting the Company’s Legal Department located at the Head Office at Plot 19/21, First Street Industrial Area. P.O. Box 9815 Kampala. The shareholder email address is Alternatively, you can call on 0414337835.

    • Can I collect dividends on behalf of someone else?

    It is not possible to claim another person’s dividends however in with certain conditions we could allow someone to collect on behalf of someone else e.g. for a shareholder who is out of the country, if there is a power of attorney.

    • What do I do to transfer the shares of a deceased to me?

    Transfer of shares is done by the Company’s share registrars (Deloitte Uganda). You will need to produce the shareholder’s share certificate, proof of death, the deceased’s will or letters of administration. It should be noted that dividends are only payable to the member appearing on the share register therefore transfer has to take. However, administrators or executors can claim but there has to be proof that the person is the appointed executor or administrator i.e. the will or letters of administration respectively.

    • How do I transfer the shares to a dependent who has turned 18 years old?

    To transfer the shares of a dependant into his/her names is done by the Company’s share registrars. You will need to carry along your share certificate, ID and the dependant’s personal details. You will then be required to fill in a share transfer form authorizing the share registrars to transfer the shares into the dependant.

    • How can I find out how many shares I hold?

    You can determine the number of shares by referring to your share certificates, or refer to your recent CDSC statement or the most recent dividend warrant or by contacting Deloitte (U) Ltd.

    • How can I buy or sell shares?

    You can only buy or sell shares through a stockbroker. There are currently eight (8) stockbroker firms authorized by the Uganda Securities Exchange to engage in this business.  (Please see list of brokers below).

    • What are Share Certificates?

    These are evidence of your ownership of the shares and represent your interest in the company. Share certificates are only issued out to shareholders who purchase shares and do not hold a CDSC account. 

    • I have never received my Share Certificate, what should I do?

    Please notify Deloitte (U) Ltd in writing or contact the Company’s Legal department at Plot 19/21, 1st Street Industrial Area P.O Box 9815 Kampala. You can also contact the team on 0414 337000 or

    • I have a CDS account but I have not received my share certificate, what should I do?

    For CDSC account holders, share certificates cannot be issued because the CDSC account is the electronic equivalent of a share account. Instead, the CDSC will dispatch a CDSC statement which indicates your current shareholding to your mailing address.

    • What should I do if I cannot locate my share certificate?

    Please notify Deloitte (U) Ltd in writing or contact the Company’s Legal department at Plot 19/21, 1st Street Industrial Area P.O Box 9815 Kampala. You can also contact the team on 0414 337000 or

    • When does New Vision PPCL hold its Annual General Meeting?

    We have had our past Annual General Meetings either in the month of October or November each year. 

    • I cannot attend the AGM. Can I send a proxy?

    Yes you can. Please complete out the proxy form enclosed in the Annual Report and return it back to us at least twenty four (24) hours before the time of the AGM.

    • What is the CDS?

    CDS stands for the Central Depository System. This is a computer system operated by USE that facilitates holding of securities in electronic accounts opened by shareholders and the process of transferring shares traded at the Nairobi.

    • What do I need to open a CDS account?

    You need to present two passport size photographs, original and copy of National ID/Passport at the offices of any broker /Central Depository Agent. In the case of a company you need the original certificate of incorporation, and if you are an organization registered in any other way you need the certificate of registration. Directors of a company will also need to provide their ID Cards and passport size photographs.

    • What is CDA?

    CDA stands for a Central Depository Agent, that is, either a stockbroker or a custodian bank which has been authorized by Uganda Securities Exchange to open accounts in the CDS on behalf of investors.

    • What is Immobilization of Shares?

    This is the process of transferring shares from share certificate form and subsequent deposit into a CDS account. The immobilization process is as follows:
    a. Open a CDS account at the office of a stockbroker or CDA of your choice;
    b. Submit your original certificate at the stockbroker’s office and fill in a form (you will retain a copy of the form for your records);
    c. The CDA will forward the form and the certificate to Uganda Securities Exchange (USE).
    d. USE will then forward the certificate and form to Deloitte (U) Ltd for verification. When Deloitte (U) Ltd confirms that the certificate and your signature are genuine, they will retain the original certificate and send back the duplicate copy of your form to USE for immobilization.
    e. Once the shares are deposited into your account by USE you can now trade in them.