Corporate social Responsibility


Vision Group partnered with Women at Work International (WAWI) in a campaign under the theme “LIVING A HEALTHY LIFE’’ to create awareness and sensitize the Isingiro communities about HIV- AIDS screening and fistula amongst women. The campaign began on the 26th March to 4th April comprising of educative sessions about maternal health, fistula, family planning, HIV/AIDS screening and free condom distribution. Vision Group offered the organisation Radio Announcements, DJ mentions and editorial coverage in Orumuri.

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Members of Meeting Point International and Vision Group’s, Lynda Mabikke (far left), after receipt of scrap paper

Members of Meeting Point International display products made from scrap paper

Vision Group’, Doreen Awanga (far left) and Lynda Mabikke (2nd from left) present donations of scrap paper to the Coordinator, Meeting Point International - Mrs. Bongomin

Other CSR events