Corporate social Responsibility

Vision Group has continuously supported women to enable them earn a living and to enhance the livelihoods of poor HIV-Positive women in different parts of Kampala.
As part of this cause, the Company donated paper to Meeting Point International an organization located on the outskirts of Kampala city. The organisation was founded in 2003 by a medical doctor who had seen the plight of poor HIV-Positive women over the course of her work across the country. The majority of its members are women from Northern Uganda, who suffered the multi-dimensional effects of the LRA war.

Through meticulous scouring the Company’s CSR Committee identifies an organization that is helping change people’s lives using scrap paper as raw material to make paper beds which are sold in all corners of the world to earn the members are living. Through this process, the women are able to sustain themselves and their families.

Mrs. Bongomin, on behalf of Meeting Point, expressed gratitude to Vision Group, saying that the scrap paper was of so much value as it would be used to make beads, bags, money purses, belts, mats, among other crafts.

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Members of Meeting Point International and Vision Group’s, Lynda Mabikke (far left), after receipt of scrap paper

Members of Meeting Point International display products made from scrap paper

Vision Group’, Doreen Awanga (far left) and Lynda Mabikke (2nd from left) present donations of scrap paper to the Coordinator, Meeting Point International - Mrs. Bongomin

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